Alrighty, I’ll admit. ย Despite so many truly historical tours and locations I went to on my trip, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park comes in at number 1. ย Sports are in my blood, so naturally, I spent an entire day at the park despite it being partially closed and the gift shop still wasn’t open (huge bummer). ย I peeked in the aquatics center and walked around the ground all the afternoon. ย Also, I ended up going shopping at Westfield Mall and walked out without any purchases, shocker there. ย A lovely day to finish up my study abroad trip and prepare to travel home.

My last tourist stop was Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross Station. ย I waited an hour for my picture, it was definitely worth it!

My trip home consisted of 28 hours of flight, 4 flights, a cab ride, a train ride, and an all nighter (helped the adjustment. ย No delays though, hallelujah! ย It’s so nice to be home where it’s nice and hot and I can enjoy Texas Barbecue. ย I loved my trip and am glad it was so thoroughly planned out. ย I saw all sorts of touristy locations, more than I thought were in London, and loved the beauty of the United Kingdom!


Margherita Crepe


Falafel Wrap w/ potatoes and salad


Peanut butter cup and chocolate cupcake


Nutella Hazelnut and Oreo Cookie gellato

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