Britain’s education has its similarities to the US’s system.  We both have college or university experiences as well as standardized testing to be admitted to high level education.  However, British schooling involves two types of schools.  State schools are similar to our public schools.  Most kids attend this type of school.  Independent schools are similar to our private schools.  Only 7% of kids attend these institutions, some still segregated into all boys and all girls.

Later in the afternoon, we went to an old school house called the Raggedy School Museum.  Class was from 8am to 5pm, with one hot meal per day.  Parents often preferred to not send their kids to school back in the day simply because a child was a source of income and school didn’t pay parents for sending their kids.  However, the hot meal provided by the school enticed parents to have their children educated because food was free 5 days a week.  I actually did not even fit in a desk that the kids used to sit in, they were so tiny! (or maybe I’m just a really really big kid haha)  Slates were used to conserve budget money, since the school was in a poorer area of town.  More schools similar to the one we visited opened up all across town because of the increasing number of kids running around in the streets growing up to be uneducated, simply continuing the never ending poverty cycle.