More like I went to Oxford’s gift shop and bought a sweatshirt.  Guess I wear it in the library while studying to make myself feel superiorly smarter.


We took a coach to Oxford about an hour and a half away and toured the colleges that comprise the campus.  Sorry Oval Beach, you’ve got serious competition overseas.  Lush green lawns, historic chapels, building dating back to 1249.  Pure academic bliss. Took a tour of Christ Church College and loved walking the grounds and seeing the church there.  Also climbed to the top of St Mary’s, which was founded before 1200, and took panoramas of the entire campus.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this entry…


(Thought I’d mention this: as I was writing the entry, a little mouse popped out from under our sofa.  The little devil ate my granola, has been terrorizing our trash can, manages to escape from every set and reset trap, and loves to leave little “surprises” throughout the living room and kitchen.  He may have escaped the mouse traps but my fingers and toes have not -> OUCH!!!)

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Inside Christ College

Inside Christ College

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