Last night’s dinner included fantastic baked fish and leek soup, haggis (not too bad, tastes like meatloaf), salmon filets, crab risotto, sparkling lemonade, cranberry apple riot tea, and a slice of lemon ginger cheesecake.  Then, we all went to a karaoke bar and sang our heart out scaring away some locals with American music (oops).

Made it back to our flat in London, feels good to be “home” after a weekend of traveling.  Still yet to catch the mouse that robbed me of my granola and left it all over the kitchen…careful buddy, we have traps set for you!

Went on a 4 1/2 mile run down Oxford Street through the shopping distinct, turned at the Thames River and headed back home.  Felt great to get the legs movings again, there’s nothing like a long run through London.  The city is just beautiful in the evening.

In the process of catching up with everyone now that wifi is back, wishing Happy Mother’s Day to moms and grandmas in the family and figuring out British washing machines.  That in itself is a headache.

Class tomorrow covers British Slavery and Colonialism (personal favorites) and then a tour of the Docklands Museum (the Museum of London), where there is a special exhibit about the sugar and slave trade! Another busy week ahead, with Stratford and Oxford coming up this weekend!!!