It’s only 2:30 and I’ve got so much more to do today…gotta make this a quick post.  I just updated the photo gallery with more images from my run in St. James’ Park the other day.  This mooring we stood for nearly 2 hours waiting for the changing of the Royal Guard outside Buckingham Palace, complete with horses, soldiers, bands and the whole 9 yards (or meters I guess).  Every bit of the process was slow, methodical and elegant.  Gorgeous horses paraded around Queen Victoria’s monument and all traffic was halted near the palace.  Probably two thousand people stood watching the entire ceremony, despite the flashes of alternating rain and sunlight.  A stroll through St. James’ park led us to several ponds filled with swans and beautiful ducks, even a Blue Herron!  Class was outside today, and we discussed some poetry highlighting London’s darker age when prostitution and alcohol were rampant.  To head back to the apartment, I walked through the Royal Guard Quarters, which happen to be the grounds where the 2012 London Olympic sand volleyball matches were held. (Pic of me with arms in the air)  What a special place in history!

This afternoon, I’ll be attempting to get back to the National Library and National Institute for the Blind, as well as workout.  More photos from my adventures tonight!

IMG_4652 IMG_4650 IMG_4644 IMG_4637 IMG_4632 IMG_4619 IMG_4598