Decided to get out and enjoy the 67 degree weather, so I ran three miles down to say hi to Big Ben.  Avoided every possible chance of being hit by a car and made sure I looked both ways at every intersection.  Walked my way back to Farringdon after browsing shops along the way.  Took a short nap to power back up, and visited a slew of places: St. Pancras Train Station, King’s Cross Station, the British National Library, Euston, Picadilly, China Town, Soho, and Oxford Street.  I had the most amazing General Tso’s in China Town.  Unreal taste and nothing like I’ve ever had.  Picked up souvenirs in Soho and walked through some of the most expensive shops in London on Oxford Street, to include a 4 story Nike store which I nearly had a heart attack in.  I’ll upload scenic photos from tonight’s adventure tomorrow!